Regional Directors/Committee Chairs

The World Tang Soo Do Association and the World Tang Soo Do Foundation are governed by their respective Directors and Officers.  As of January 1, 2022, the current Board of Directors of each entity is comprised of individuals representing the following positions:

Region 1 Master Wolverton Kwan Chang Nim Grandmaster Strong
Region 2 Master Williamson Chief of Staff Mr. Gideon Lee
Region 3 Master Grissom Legal Affairs Master Winsko
Region 4 Master Sharpe Building Fund Master Bellini
Region 5 Master Wheeler Scholarship Master Molinaro
Region 6 Master Miller Treasurer Master Lipstein
Region 7 Jackie Forrester, Sah Dan
Region 8 Master Heise
Region 9 Master Valentin
Region 10 vacant
Region 11 Master Khan
Region 12 Master Valdez
Region 13 vacant
Region 14 Master Schwalbach
Region 15 vacant
Region 16 vacant
Region 17 Master Katyushin
Region 18 Master Burgos
Region 19 Master Fredricks
Region 20 Master Marsch
Region 21 Master Hutchinson
Region 22 Master Homschek
Technical Advisory Committee Master Fisher
Children & Women’s Development vacant
Business Master Setyanto
Legal Affairs Master Winsko
Membership vacant
Public Relations Master Vaughn
Regulation Master Jorgensen
Testing Master Peterman
Security Master Merrill
Executive Grandmaster Strong
Governance Master Vaughn
Chief of Staff Mr. Gideon Lee
Treasurer Master Lipstein
Region 23 Master Bonelli

There are also committees of the Board, where the chair person is not, solely by reason of holding the position of chair of said committee(s), a member of the Board of Directors of either the WTSDA or WTSDF.  These committees include:

Judge Certification Master Rich Arteca Community Service Master Williamson
NewsletterMaster Jeannette Arteca Humanitarian Aid Master Black
Website Paul Maguire, Sah Dan
KiGong Club Master Schroder
Goodwill Committee Master Chambliss
Publications Committee Masters Jeannette Arteca and Susan Strohm

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