Hall of Fame Eligibility Criteria

Approved March 2020

Hall of Fame

Background: Every 2 years the WTSDA elects a Hall of Fame, consisting of inductees from various categories.  In recent years, there has been a steady decline in the number of candidates in a number of categories and an large discrepancy in the criteria that are used in deciding the appropriateness of a nominee.  Accordingly, it is appropriate to standardize the nomination process. 


To use the items listed below as the minimum standards, restrictions and requirements (as appropriate) when proposing a nominee for the WTSDA Hall of Fame.

  1. No self-nominations for Master of the Year.  Any Master who is a member of the Board of Directors, to be nominated, the nomination must come from another Director.
  2. Instructor of the Year is reserved for Sam Dans and below; must have valid instructor certification.
  3. Student of the Year is reserved for Sam Dams who have not been invited to Master’s clinic, and below.
  4. Dojang of the Year: the dojang must be in operation for at least three (3) years.
  5. The only category that may be given to more than one person is the Family of the Year (but it is reserved for ONE family); all other categories are to be individuals, not groups.
  6. Family of the Year must have at least 3 students/instructors/Masters.
  7. Ineligible for receipt of multiple categories in same year (includes Master of the Year or Instructor of the Year for dojang owners).