As the World Tang Soo Do Association (“WTSDA”) and the World Tang Soo Do Foundation (“WTSDF”) have grown over the years, the need for access to information and resources related to the Legal Affairs Committee (“LAC”) has grown.  The LAC, and its staff, is charged with the administration of all legal activities of the WTSDA and WTSDF.

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, the LAC is the “legal department” for the WTSDA and WTSDF.  If there is an issue, contract, dispute or other matter which has legal implications, the LAC should be informed and/or involved.  For example, the LAC should receive for review all contracts that bind either company (all Regional Directors should be submitting contracts for sanctioned events in their region to the LAC prior to execution for review and comment).  The LAC should be informed if, at a sanctioned event, there is a serious injury.  The LAC should receive copies of complaints directed at the WTSDA (or where a student/student’s parent is looking to the WTSDA for assistance with a dispute with an instructor or studio owner).  The LAC should receive copies of any and all legal pleadings or documents which reference the WTSDA or WTSDF.  If there is an intellectual property question, such as “can I use the WTSDA logo on a t-shirt”, “can I print the WTSDA logo on a book I am publishing”, “I saw someone not affiliated with the WTSDA using the WTSDA logo, what do I do about it” or similar, the LAC should be contacted.

The LAC will also provide studio owners with information related to the affiliation with the WTSDA and the standards and legal rules associated with such affiliation.

Finally, the LAC may be able to provide you with contact information in your state where you can get jurisdiction specific legal advice for matters related to your individual school.

When in doubt, please contact the LAC.  We are here to help!


PLEASE NOTE:  the LAC is not a law firm and it represents the WTSDA and WTSDF, not any particular member, instructor, studio owner or Master.  The information provided herein is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be tax or legal advice.  Please see the Conditions of Use Page found here for more information.




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