NEW DOCUMENT:  Health Questionnaire.  This is to get information from all participants/attendees on the day of an event.  It asks about the health status, should be completed PRIOR to participation, and if any of the answers indicate that a person is exposed or sick, they should be directed to return home.  The form says “WTSDA” but it can easily be modified for your school or event.  This would be used EACH time someone is going to participate, by everyone.  That also means that someone should review the answers as they are turned in.

A few resources related to COVID and reopening!

COVID SAMPLE disclaimer – a sample waiver for use with folks before you start permitting in-person training again

COVID reopening – all regions v2 – a best practices document coving a range of topics.  Includes information on:

  1. General Considerations for Reopening
  2. Check-in Process
  3. Dropoff and Pick-up protocols
  4. Layout of Classroom
  5. Classroom Disinfectant Protocol
  6. Transition Cleaning Between Classes
  7. Daily Disinfecting Schedule
  8. Weekly Disinfecting Schedule
  9. Karate Equipment
  10. Common Areas
  11. Communication
  12. Suggested PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Cleaning Supplies
  13. Cleaning After Someone Displays Symptoms

generic waiver for virtual events – a sample of a waiver for conducting a virtual event (not reoccurring classes)


Helpful Links:

Health/Medical Related


NIH Info

WHO Info

Business Related

Small Business Administration

PPP Info Sheet (from Dept. of Treasury)

PPP Loan Forgiveness Application