Sanctioning Policy

There is some history to sanctioning of events in the WTSDA and in June of 2021, the WTSDA Board of Director approved a new policy. It is below:

World Tang Soo Do Association

Event sanctioning policy


The policy regarding sanctioned World Tang Soo Do Association (“WTSDA” or the “Association”) WTSDA events has evolved over many years.  Twenty years ago, many studio owners conducted sanctioned events, including tournaments, with no formal obligation to pay any of the proceeds to WTSDA.  When Grandmaster Shin embarked on a Building Fund to establish a new Headquarters, he requested that a donation to the Building Fund of an unspecified amount be made from the proceeds of all sanctioned WTSDA events.  Eventually, this policy became more structured in its requirements to the point where the net proceeds from sanctioned events were to be allocated 50% to WTSDA, 30% to WTSDF, and 20% to the hosting studio.  This policy was intended to discourage studios from hosting non regional tournaments.  The policy, however, violates tax laws for not – for – profit entities (both WTSDA and WTSDF are such not –for –profit entities) in that no individual member may benefit from the activities of a not – for –profit entity, and split of profits is not permitted under the applicable tax laws.  Further, not all regions interpret this policy the same.  For example, no studio owner in Region 8 has ever shared in proceeds from the two annual Regional championships or the Black Belt camps, nor has Grandmaster Strong ever had a personal benefit from years of hosting the Masters’ Clinic.  A new policy needs to be adopted to comply with applicable laws and to institute uniformity.

Due to the nature of many events, seeking a sanction from the Association puts the Association in the position of giving its “blessing” to events for which the Association has no set rules or regulations (e.g. gup clinics, specialty weapons training, etc.).  In such circumstances, members may be confused as to what such sanctioning means, and this could create unnecessary exposure to the Association.  Therefore, the Board concludes that the sanctioning of events as has been done in the past needs to be changed.


For events which are truly regional in nature, such as regional championships, Dan camps and Dan tests, there is no pre-set “split” of the proceeds.  Instead, the region will account for all of the revenue and expenses of the event, and, to the extent that events provide the region with funds in excess of its reasonable needs, such excess will be remitted to WTSDA.  The only exception to this policy is that funds collected at events specifically for the WTSDF scholarship program will stay with the region’s scholarship fund.  There are no “fees” to be paid to the studio(s) organizing the event.  Any reasonable costs incurred by a studio or individual that are directly related to production of the event should be reimbursed (in accordance with the WTSDA’s reimbursement procedures) from the event proceeds.  Such expense reimbursements may extend to reasonable room and meal costs for those persons responsible for the actual running of the event to the extent such costs exceed what would normally be incurred for attending the event – e.g. extra nights for set up time, larger rooms for hospitality, etc., but NOT to cover the cost of a room or travel to the event where persons would be expected to attend anyway.

All other events, whether within a single studio or involving more than one studio, are, by definition, non – sanctioned events.  This does not mean studios cannot hold such events, but that WTSDA will not sanction them, and will not advertise them.  Should a studio wish to host an event that involves other studios, it may do so provided:

  • The studio wishing to host the event is in good standing with the Association.  The Association recognizes that the payment of the studio licensing fee is sufficient recompense to the Association for use of the Association’s data base.  The studio, and its Chief Instructor and owner (if different persons) must also be in good standing with respect to adherence to all other Association policies and procedures.
  • No regional resources -e.g. social media accounts, web page, publications, meetings – may be used to publicize the event.
  • Any promotional material, printed or web based, must state clearly that the event has not been sanctioned by WTSDA. 
  • All promotional material, regardless of the media used, and all applications and other documents used in soliciting or registering participants must clearly state (in a font no smaller than the material portion of the item in which it is contained, and in bold or other font type to emphasize the language): “This event is not sanctioned by, sponsored or affiliated with in any other way, the WTSDA.”
  • Visible WTSDA symbols, such as the WTSDA flag, must not be displayed in any promotional material.
  • Should a studio or multiple studios wish to host an event that does not comply with ALL WTSDA rules and regulations (e.g. a tournament at which contact sparring is allowed), then the invitation to and all related documents (including, but not limited to fliers, announcements, Facebook postings, etc.) regarding such event must clearly state: 


  • The above notice provision applies only to events for which WTSDA has established rules.

This policy is intended to permit studio owners to hold “special” events such as minor tournaments, clinics and other events many studio owners need in order to succeed financially while, at the same time, protecting WTSDA’s trademarks and assets.  This policy shall become effective when ratified by WTSDA Board of Directors.