Assistant Regional Director – Candidates Sought!

As most of you know, each Region has a Regional Director. The Executive Committee and Governance Committee have, as part of the succession planning for the WTSDA, established the official position of Assistant Regional Director for each Region. Accordingly, each Region is being asked for candidates for Assistant Regional Director.

ANY INTERESTED PERSON, please send an email to for the application NO LATER THAN JULY 10, 2022. The job description is below.

Position DescriptionWTSDA – Assistant Regional Director
Position title: Assistant Regional Director (“ARD”) Date Prepared: April 1, 2021

I. Primary Function
This position is responsible for assisting the Regional Director (“RD”) in the management and oversight of all activities within the region assigned. The ARD is the primary support for the RD and must be capable of performing the RD’s responsibilities in his or her absence. Such activities include managing events and regional accounts, supporting and advancing WTSDA goals and initiatives, the technical and business development of all members and instructors of the region, Black Belt testing, enhancing the level of professionalism of the instructors, and enforcing all WTSDA rules and regulations (see RD job description for more information).
This position reports to the Regional Director. If acting as the interim RD, the position reports, and is responsible to, the Operational Vice President, and President and the Board (through the Executive Committee and/or the Governance Committee).

II. Essential Functions
Under the direction of in consultation with the RD assists as needed with the following:
· Event support – Black Belt testing, clinics, seminars, championships, instructor training classes.· Acts as an added resource for helping to resolve issues, complaints, and arbitrates disputes as assigned by RD.· Abides by and enforces all WTSDA policies and regulations.· Coaches and counsels, with the assistance of the RD and appropriate WTSDA leaders, those who need direction.· Promotes and expands TSD locations and training events within the region.· As assigned, submits timely, accurate and complete reports (including injury reports) as required by the WTSDA.· Helps manage regional events to maximize revenue for the WTSDA, while minimizing expenses to the extent possible.· Attends and helps oversee all sanctioned events, and ensures that all protocols (including safety) are followed.· Recommends to the RD, special commendations of merit for Tang Soo Do activities.· Carries out any other duty as may be stated in the WTSDA by-laws, the Regional Director’s Guidelines, or other similar document prepared by the WTSDA.· Reports to the RD behavior or incidents that need the attention of the RD or other WTSDA personnel.

III. Performance Skills, Background, Capabilities, and Attributes
· Documented dedication to the WTSDA.· Willingness to be oriented and trained in the duties of the ARD and RD.· Ability to receive critical feedback and respond professionally.· Public speaking ability.· Writing skills.· Ability to be humble, keep a positive attitude, and help develop a sense of camaraderie among the membership.· Highly developed organizational and communication skills.· Must be a member in good standing. · Knowledge and understanding of the WTSDA’s history, mission, philosophy,technical curriculum, goals, and organizational structure.· Ability to bring people together and unite members of different social, ethnic, economic and cultural groups.· Behaves in accordance with WTSDA Tenets and is a positive role model for instructors and students.· Treats all people with respect and fairness.

IV. Knowledge, Education, and Training
· Must be a Black Belt member in good standing, with no significant disciplinary history.· Proven dedication and involvement in studio, regional and WTSDA events.· Leadership experience is preferred both with individuals and large groups.· Demonstrated performance characteristics required of the position. · Knowledgeable and sensitivity of cultural and ethnic differences.· Sound knowledge and understanding of WTSDA curriculum. · Knowledge and understanding of the ARD and Regional Director job descriptions.

V. Persuasion, Direction, Motivation of Others, Coaching and Counseling
· Over 20% of the time (this is meant to be a metric to assist in understanding how much time spent doing this job will be spent on these types of functions. Those functions without time noted will represent any remaining time.). · Demonstrated ability to work with others in a collaborative environment.· Ability to maintain the allegiance and commitment of the membership, and sustain the culture of service to the membership.· Ability to communicate clearly and persuasively.

VI. Standard Computer Knowledge and Skills
· Email skills· Word processing· Ability to collect and analyze data, ability to organize and assess information and data

VII. Dealing with Confidential Material
· As needed and approved by the RD, the job has access to and uses confidential materials, the disclosure of which could have significant ramifications for the organization as a whole. Information is restricted to members of senior management and the ARD must understand that much of the information they receive is not to be shared with individuals not authorized to have such information (which may include spouses, children, parents, etc.).

VIII. Other Important Information
There are certain actions which are explicitly prohibited as Regional Director (please see the Regional Director Guidelines), and accordingly as ARD. Additionally, there are certain functions that are reserved to the RD. For example, the ability to contract on behalf of the region (e.g., signing a contract with a center for a tournament) is implicit in the RD position (and NOT the ARD position without obtaining prior consent from the WTSDA). There is also a Conflict of Interest policy that applies to the RD and the ARD. For more information, please speak with the RD, OVP or LAC Chair.