Board Committees

Each of the Board Committees serves a particular function.  The primary purpose of each committee is described below.

  1. WTSDA
    • Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
    • Children & Women’s Development – to encourage and enhance the experience of women and children members of the WTSDA.
    • Business – responsible for the education of studio owner members as it relates to general business activities.
    • Legal Affairs (“LAC”) – responsible for the review of all legal issues and items related to the business of the WTSDA.
    • Membership – responsible for maintaining the information regarding membership in the WTSDA.
    • Public Relations – responsible for all WTSDA and WTSDF contact with the media as well as the publicity of the organization and any information and activities related thereto.
    • Regulations – responsible for the monitoring (and revisions, as appropriate), enforcement and development of regulations regarding the teaching and study of Tang Soo Do by WTSDA members.
    • Testing – responsible for the administration of all regulations related to testing for next rank by all members.
    • Security – to coordinate all security efforts which are designed to protect all members of the WTSDA and WTSDF, including, but not limited to the safety and security of the Grandmasters.  All security staff for all sanctioned events, as well as the first aid staff for such events, falls under the purview of the Security Committee.
    • Executive – When it is impossible or impractical to assemble the entire Board of Directors for decisions which would otherwise be presented to the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee shall review such matters.  Additionally, when the LAC or Treasurer believe it prudent to review matters which require the input of individuals other than just the Grandmaster, the Executive Committee (and as necessary and appropriate, the Governance Committee) shall review such matters.
    • Governance – The review and selection of all new Board of Directors Members; the periodic review of existing Board of Directors Members; the setting of executive compensation (with assistance from the Executive Committee) as well as the implementation of policies and procedures which are related to corporate status and governance of the WTSDA and WTSDF.
  2. WTSDF
    • Scholarship
    • Building Fund
    • Legal Affairs – to review all legal issues and items related to the business of the WTSDF

Additional information on the Board and Committee structure in the by-laws of each entity.  Questions should be directed to the LAC.

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