Incident Reporting

As previously discussed with the Regional Directors (and country directors), the WTSDA has a form for incident reporting. The report is to be used when an incident occurs, at a WTSDA event (such as Dan Testing, Dan or Gup Clinics, Regional Tournaments, the World Championship, etc.) including (but not limited to) in the event of any of the following:

* Injury to instructor, student or spectator
* Conflict between students/Parents/Instructors/Staff
* Student / Parent is upset with actions taken by instructors or students.
* Physical damage is incurred to the building or training equipment
* A complaint is received about something that occurred at the event (beyond an administration related occurrence).

The timely completion of these reports will allow for the most up-to-date, and therefore accurate, compilation of data about any incident.  The on-line form may be found here: while the word document is included on this page below.  

Once completed, the electronic version is automatically sent to the WTSDA LAC.  If you are using the hard copy, you may send paper copies to the LAC (please contact for the mailing address) or scan and send them via email.  If you scan and send, once the LAC confirms receipt, you may shred the forms as electronic recordkeeping is preferred (and the LAC will have the records)!

Also, for any studio or club desiring to use the form for incidents in your school, please feel free to adapt the form. 

Any questions on how to use it, please just ask!

Word version:  WTSDA Incident Report