WTSDA Hall of Fame Nominations Wanted!

For all members of the WTSDA Board of Directors, this is a call for nominations.  You may nominate one (1) person (or dojang in the case of Dojang of the Year) for each category.  Please be sure to provide as much detail about the nominee as possible – the more information provided, the better other Directors will be able to assess the nominee’s worthiness!

You may submit one category at a time, or all at once (but if you nominate more than once in a category, only your first nominee will be counted).  Nominations are due no later than December 15, 2017.  The LAC will send reminders, but we are accepting nominations, beginning now!  Directors should check their email for further information.  For reference, former winners of each category are listed below.

Nominations may be submitted by clicking here.

Former Winners:

Year Master of the Year Instructor of the Year Student of the Year Family of the Year
1983 Chuck Vaughn
1985 Y. H. Kwon Larry Dercole
1987 Darryl Khalid Mujahid Khan
1988 Larry Dercole Karen Phillips The Sachs
1989 G. Morgan Becker Ronald Ravers
1990 Michael Hicks Louis Marvil Irma Tudara The Youngers
1992 Larry Wick Bob Mitchell The Greens
1994 William Strong Alejandro Pisoni Nancy Clark The Keiffers
1996 Vance Britt Adriaan Blignaut Stephanie Uttech The Gebhardts
1998 Jerry Whitten Brian Olden Vince Melchiorre The Valentins
2000 Mujahid Khan John Costa Jim Mars The Ewings
2002 Allen Sharpe Joseph Scota Mary Clements The Prescotts
2004 Jeff Haney Joe Centrone Hisako Ito The Newmans
2006 Jeff Green Becky Rupp Shyla Sickels The Thomases
Master of the Year Instructor of the Year Student of the Year Family of the Year Community Service Humanitarian Studio of the Year
2008 Larry Wick Jared Arteca Susan Strohm The Fausnachts Doug Smith Chuck Vaughn
2010 John Godwin Giselle Sharpe Jarrett



Bono Family

Frank Altiere Sandy Lipstein Valley Tang Soo Do Academy
2012 Jim Mars Kristen Winsko Jeanette Arteca The Miller Family Mary Jansa Not awarded Karate Masters
2014 Frank Fattori Dan Farrelly Karin Roumanis Insohita Family Katrina Fausnacht C. Donald Weinberg Vaughn’s Dojang
2016 Larry Wick Montana Cole Paul Helsdon Sharpe Family C. Donald Weinberg Jeff Wheeler Lorenzo Tang Soo Do